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 New York Rock Academy- The Day Camp for the Aspiring Rockstar


The motivating force at the New York Rock Academy is excitement! Regardless of their level, students land a chance to explore the music they truly love. We help kids and teens create outstanding bands by matching them with others of similar age, taste and playing ability–and then they immediately begin making music! Beginners often find themselves performing complete arrangements of their favorite songs by the end of a single session. Advanced players will fine tune their skills–learning the subtleties of instrumental and vocal technique. Anything that detracts from a moving performance is addressed and remedied. Students learn to communicate the love and excitement they feel to their audience! New York Rock Academy Day Camp takes place at Music in Chappaqua in Chappaqua, NY, Weekly Sessions in February and all Summer, Monday-Friday 10-4. Ages 8-18.

New York Rock Academy is the Camp for the Aspiring Rock Star!




Select a Major 

The Major provides each student with a course of study in the instrument he or she loves. Students take two lessons a day and play their major instrument in the ensembles. (The material is based on the instructor’s assessment of the student.) Class time is spent fine tuning the songs the students feature in their ensembles and enhancing the technique so as to improve overall playing ability.

Try a Workshop 

Workshops are ultimately a superb way for campers to try something new. Topics include keyboards, voice, rhythm, music history, songwriting, production and promotion. Workshops run daily and change over the course of the week.


Play in Band 

The bands are truly what it’s all about! Students are placed into real bands of three to six members according to age and ability. Each day, a faculty band leader directs them and fosters a close-knit team, in which every member plays an important role. Students have unique opportunities to shine both as individuals and as ensemble members. Students choose and may even write the songs they rehearse while the faculty band leader helps them develop the parts they will play.

Perform in a Rock Concert 

Blow away your friends and family during the end of session Rock Concert!

Daily Schedule 

Program hours run Monday to Friday from 10 to 4. A typical day at New York Rock Academy consists of two major classes, two ensemble rehearsals and two workshops. A sample schedule would be:

10:00 – 10:45 Ensemble
10:45 – 11:30 Guitar Major
11:30 – 12:15 Workshop
12:15 – 1:15 Lunch
1:15 – 2:10 Guitar Major
2:10 – 3:05 Ensemble
3:05 – 4:00 Workshop

Upcoming Weekly Sessions 

Summer Session Dates 2018

Session 1 :June 25-June 29

Session 2: July 2-July 6

Session 3: July 9-July 13

Session 4: July 16-July 20

Session 5: July 23-July 27

Session 6: July 30-August 3

Session 7: August 6-August 10

Session 8: August 13-August 17

Day Camp FAQ

What are the Day Camp hours?
Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

What time is the Friday concert for friends and family?
Concerts are from 4:15 pm to 5:30 pm.

How early may I drop off a student?
Students may be dropped off as early as 9:45am.

What do students do for lunch?
Students need to bring their own bag lunches, snacks and drinks. Fridays are pizza day where students may or may not participate. If they want pizza for lunch, please bring in $5.00, along with their drink and snack, otherwise please bring in their bag lunch as usual.

How are students placed in the ensembles?
Each student is placed in an ensemble based on his or her age and experience. Every ensemble is run by an instructor who makes sure the student plays songs and parts that are appropriate for their level.

What if the student has very little or no prior experience?
Beginning students are placed in ensembles and lessons with other beginning students. Instructors will teach them simple parts so that they will be able to participate in their ensembles.

Can a student play in more than one ensemble?
Many students wish to be placed in more than one ensemble. Based on the enrollment of the session, a student may be asked if he or she wishes to be placed in more than one ensemble.

May a student play more than one instrument in an ensemble?
If ensemble members agree to switch off on instruments or there is a vacant instrument, students are welcome to play more than one instrument.

Can students play in the ensembles with their friends?
Yes. On the registration form, place the name of the band mate(s) the student wishes to play with and he or she will be put in the proper ensemble.

How are songs chosen in the ensembles?
Students and instructors decide on which songs will be performed by the ensembles.

What should students bring?
Guitar and Bass students bring their instruments and accessories (picks, straps, extra strings, cables), and drum students bring sticks. Students may bring a notebook if they wish to notate any information. Amplifiers, drum sets, microphones, and keyboards are all provided. Song lyrics can be printed.

What is covered during the instrument lessons?
We believe in the importance of musicianship so lessons will cover some technique and theory. The rest of the lessons consist of learning songs chosen by the students and instructors.

Can students switch into other classes in the middle of a session?
If a student wishes to transfer into another class her or she can consult the director and the appropriate changes will be made to the student’s schedule.

How many songs do the ensembles perform?
Ensembles may learn any number of songs over the course of the session but for the performance each ensemble will perform two songs.

Will the student fit in?
New York Rock Academy students are very accepting of one another and the student to teacher ratio is very low. We see to it that the environment is very nurturing for all students.


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