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Rock Workshops

Music in Chappaqua’s Rock Workshops are the Place for the Aspiring Rock Star!

In our Rock Workshops, students are placed into bands with other like-minded students of similar age, taste and playing ability. Faculty members run the band rehearsal, they arrange the repertoire, teach the parts, and ensure that each band member is given an integral role. The band jams on cover songs of their choosing, improvised grooves, and original material. Each session culminates in a performance for friends and family at a local music venue! Music in Chappaqua’s Rock Workshops are an unforgettable experience for young musicians!



Student band performs live at the Bitter End after (12) one-hour sessions



Why Rock Workshops?

Ensemble play provides a very practical and exciting way for students to further their studies. It gives students a chance to apply their individual instrument abilities to a real-time, real band setting. Students often say “Now it all makes sense to me” after just a few rehearsals!


Every band is run by a dedicated band leader who looks to bring the best out of the band. They work tirelessly with the students…rehearsing, teaching parts, arranging material, and writing songs so that when the students are up on stage they are ready to rock!

Making the Band 

Everything is considered when making the band. Experience, age, musical taste and how the students will interact socially. Many bands have become so close that they continually request to be kept together. Some bands have even organized and performed their own concerts.

Concert Experience 

Each Rock Workshop session culminates in an exciting live concert for friends and family at a New York City Rock Club. This is the big moment everyone looks forward to! Bands get up on stage and rock out over the songs they’ve been rehearsing all semester. Our students get to live out the dream of being a rock star, performing at New York’s hottest rock clubs, such as The Bitter End.