Testimonials | Music in Chappaqua

Our daughter is 5 1/2 years old and has been learning piano at Music In Chappaqua for 2 years now with Justin. Neither of us have ever played an instrument and one of our goals as parents was to enrich our daughter with the ability to play music. Her progress has been amazing and has brought music into our household in a way that we never thought imaginable. Along with the music comes focus, hard work, and dedication each night as she practices. The recitals serve as achievements along the way and a nice reward for all of the effort while building courage as well.  We are very thankful to Justin and Music In Chappaqua for all of this”
– Richard & Jessica Coleman, parents of Simone

 My name is Zach Munowitz. I have been a student at Music in Chappaqua since 2008. I started when I was  9years old and now I am 14.  I Have worked with many of the instructors there, and they have all been kind and compassionate. My guitar and vocal skills have improved immensely since I joined, and the live experiences are simply incredible! Playing at venues in New York City such as The Bitter End and Crash Mansion is really enjoyable and exciting! My guitar teacher, Conor Moran, taught me from the very beginning. I knew nothing at all about guitar, or any kind of music, for that matter, until Conor taught me. This is a great place for any person of any age who wants to be a musician and wants to make it fun!”
– Zach Munowitz
 Music in Chappaqua is a gem. We’re so fortunate that right here, in our small town, we have access to world-class instructors. The lessons have inspired our boys, taught them true skills and brought music into our home.”
– Andrea Meyer, mother of Teddie and Nathan

 Our daughter has been attending Music in Chappaqua for guitar and voice lessons.  Its a great environment, with skilled instructors and a fun, encouraging atmosphere where kids can learn and gain confidence and poise.  We look forward to continuing with the team at Music In Chappaqua for a long time to come”
– Melissa and Seth Goldman, parents of Chloe 

Erik came to New York Rock Academy looking for the opportunity after many years of private guitar lessons to find a school that had a band to practice and perform with.
He’s been a lead guitarist and vocalist since he started with them 4-5 years ago.
He started the day camp and continued with rock band performimg exciting rock band performances at the Bitter End. He also went one year to sleep away camp which made a big impact on Erik as a person and a performer.
He recently decided to focus more on his vocals and is taking beautiful strides through Danny.
Erik tried many groups and many group leaders hoping to grow from each of their different teaching techniques.
I have to say New York Rock Academy probably made Erik find himself, wanting to go into the music world for his future – and I’m not kidding you.

– Heidi Picone, mother of Erik

Music in Chappaqua and in our case specifically Justin Gild has been a wonderfully positive musical experience for our daughter over the past almost 2 years. Emily’s guitar instructor is encouraging and not intimidating and she always looks forward to her lessons.  We don’t know what they do in class but it is effective and the speed by which she learned to play is amazing.  Justin has expanded her knowledge of musical genres and artists and motivated her to explore on her own.  She discovered her passion for music with this jewel of a platform conveniently located in the center of town.  We have no doubt that your child like ours will have a positive experience at Music in Chappaqua!  

– Carmela & Richard Westle, parents of Emily

I have been studying piano at Music in Chappaqua since December, 2009. Two accomplishments I am most proud of are getting 100% on my NYSSMA 6 for piano and playing at various great halls in NYC.  My teacher at MIC, Monica Bunch, has truly motivated me and has helped me succeed–without her patience and positivity, I would definitely not be where I am today! 

– Cynthia Luo

I have been learning and studying the piano at Music in Chappaqua since December, 2009. One musical accomplishment that makes me proud is performing in Carnegie Hall in May, 2011. Music in Chappaqua has helped me emphasize the dynamics in my pieces and has really helped me play my pieces musically. I would not have been able to do so without MIC and my piano teacher Monica Ohuchi Bunch. 

– Kasey Luo